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The Weird Years, are a dreamy folk-pop collaboration based out of Brooklyn, New York. Their clearly defined aesthetic built around gorgeous harmony stacks, haunting arpeggios, and etherial otherworldly textures conjure up comparisons to Radiohead, Phoebe Bridgers, Here We Go Magic, First Aid Kit, and the Stranger Things soundtrack.

Their debut album draws on the band members' wealth of musical experience in other projects to create a perfectly odd pop gem with a singular, and deliberately-sustained mood.

The band members include Billy Libby (Fort Gorgeous, voted Deli's Artist of the Month), Hannah Winkler (Human Natural and VCTRY), Bess Rogers (solo artist and recent guitarist for Broadway's Head Over Heels), and Chris Kuffner (producer and instrumentalist for A Great Big World, Secret Someones, and numerous others).

A supergroup of sorts, multiple members currently work with Ingrid Michaelson and A Great Big World, as producers and touring/studio musicians for those and other bands, in addition to working on their own projects.

The EP pairs well with a long walk in the forest at dusk, a mug of hot chocolate in front of your fireplace, or just a pair of headphones and closed eyes.

"Recalling [sic] the best we've heard from Conor Oberst, Phoebe Bridgers, and the like in recent years, The Weird Years' starlit sound fits snugly within the rising indie folk scene... with an effortless individuality… One that tends to linger with listeners after it's over." - PopMatters

"Equal parts breezy melodies and hidden complexity... A sound that is entirely, and wonderfully, their own." - For The Rabbits

"A soothing lilt with a faint experimental edge... [An] infectious ethereal warmth." - Atwood Magazine

"Gorgeous harmonies, soul-touching vocals and a mellow world to get lost in."
- Stereofox

"Infectious melodies, dreamy harmonies and smooth, ethereal-like vocals."
- Caesar Live N Loud

"Found footage [of] nature and distorting, kaleidoscopic effects [reflect] the darkness and mystery behind the track."
- Caffeinated Jam