Sound x3 (Sx3) is a full service music production company with an ever expanding team & roster of multi-talented recording artists, composers,songwriters, producers, DJs and remixers from around the world with distribution from The Orchard (Sony). The talent on Sx3 covers a wide range of genres including: pop, rock, indie rock, singer/songwriter, R&B, soul & punk rock. 

Sx3 talent works to create award-winning songs and recordings for ad campaigns, television and film placements and for both major & indie labels. A hub of exploding talent, Sx3 is constantly creating great music in addition to creating music for specific briefs and project needs as they arise.

Sx3 artists include: Chase Evans, Dylan Kelly, Electromagnetic, Feelgood, Horsha On The Moon, James Fairfax, Justin Kolas,KLEZ, Kyle Williams, MAWD, Nicole Boudreau, Paisley Black, Roger Gisborne (Sx3 president), The Pacific, The Screening, Tom Lewitt, Wallburds and more!

Preview Tracks from the Sx3 Catalog: