MW Music Holiday Compilation 2017


Can you believe it? The holidays are quickly approaching and you are probably starting to get requests for holiday-esque music, so we wanted to serve you a delectable mix of holiday songs from MW's diverse roster of artists. 
Included in the playlist are 20 songs in the holiday spirit that are a mix of public domain (PD), covers & originals. There's much more where these came from, but here's a taste. Enjoy!

Listen & download: MW MUSIC HOLIDAY 2017 COMPILATION


  1. Angela Sheik - “Comfort and Joy” (aka "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen") *PD
  2. Bellringer - “Joy to the World” *PD
  3. Belliringer - “Little Drummer Boy” (Instrumental*Cover
  4. Chuck Henry - “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear” *PD
  5. Derick Nelson - “Call Me When You’re Home” *Original
  6. Derick Nelson - “Make You Mine” *Original
  7. Gitka Partington - “Jingle Bells *PD
  8. James Fairfax - “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” *Cover
  9. James Fairfax - “New Years Eve, We Go All Night” *Original
  10. James Fairfax - “Winter Wonderland” *Cover
  11. John Coggins - “Here Come the Holidays” *Original 
  12. John Coggins - “Big Big Holiday” (Americana Folk version*Original 
  13. John Coggins - “Big Big Holiday” (Pop version*Original 
  14. John Coggins - “Baby It’s Cold Outside” *Cover
  15. Justin Kolas - “Life Is Sweet” *Original 
  16. Klez - “Holidays are Here Again” *Original 
  17. Megan Cavallari - “Bossa Nova” *Orignal 
  18. Nik Freitas - “Joy The World” *PD
  19. Rabbit! - “I’m Feeling Christmas” *Original
  20. Wayne Miller - “It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” (Instrumental*Cover

MW represents 100% of masters & pub (except for cover songs) o/b/o all artists above.