Łaszewo (La-zay-woah) is an electronic trio made up of producers Matt Ehrlich, Justin De La Fuente, and Keeva Bouley, based in Santa Barbara, California.

Born in Northern California, Matt moved to Santa Barbara in 2017 to pursue his college education. Here, Matt approached Justin backstage after one of his solo shows and the two had an instant connection. They exchanged contact info and shared tracks with each other, with talks of a potential collaboration in the future. 

They produced their first track as a duo, “Can’t See Without You”, in just a couple of days. The two instantly realised the potential they had working together, and decided to group together under Matt’s alias “Łaszewo”. Shortly after teaming up they booked their first show as a duo playing direct support for ‘Virtual Riot’ and have played numerous Santa Barbara shows since.

Subsequent to their first release they kept the momentum going with “Up In Flames”, featuring fellow Santa Barbara artist KEEVΛ - Justin heard her singing through her window and knew they had to write a song together. Within three months of being on Spotify the track reached over 200,000 plays, and counting.

Matt and Justin realized the potential they have working as a trio, and brought in KEEVΛ as the official third member of Łaszewo. Don’t Walk Away”, released April 2019, was featured on Spotify’s editorial playlist “New Music Friday India“, and MrSuicideSheep’s YouTube playlist, amassing 345,000 plays in just over one week.

The trio produce with the goal of pushing electronic music forward by infusing different genres, and incorporating organic elements into their tracks. Their passion for the art they create pushes them to keep making tracks that define the sound of Łaszewo.