Wilson Harwood is an American roots musician, award-winning banjoist, songwriter and producer. Born into two musical worlds, his songwriting father would blanket the house on weekend mornings with a diverse musical playlist of Buena Vista Social Club, Aretha Franklin, James Brown and the vocally rich harmonies of Take 6. Then, in his late teens, Harwood immersed himself in the rich history of Appalachian music and bluegrass through intense study with the masters.

His album, Rooted In You”, was recorded at Elevated Music, Harwood’s own studio in East Nashville. It is a concept record that explores how love changes over a lifetime and shows a solidifying sound that is curiously rooted in American music, but has overtones of African Highlife, Cuban traditional music, and even the harmonic movement of jazz and classical music. Harwood brings his low tenor vocals and a poetic imagery to songwriting all accompanied by his unique bluegrass banjo playing. His work is familiar yet groundbreaking all at the same time.

Harwood wrote most of the songs over his first year in Nashville. Each of the songs on the record explores relationships, and the sound on the record moves from glimpses of New Grass Revival to a Jack Johnson meets Townes Vand Zandt mix.

Not only an artist, but also an accomplished producer and mix engineer, Harwood went against tradition, producing and mixing the album himself. He has a deep passion for how audio technology captures sound to make art. Producing his own record felt similar to a painter working in his studio.

Wilson tours nationally and produces records for other artists in his hometown of Nashville, TN.

“It’s the most upbeat blues song you’ll ever hear.” - Ear to the Ground

“…a gently plucked acoustic, beautifully melancholic violin and Harwood’s own gentle harmonies capture the experience of walking through a thick wooded area during an overcast morning.” - Hard Wire

“The Nashville-based banjoist combines deftly-executed finger-picking with poignant lyrics delivered in a soothing vocal style.” – Mother Church Pew

“Wilson’s soothing voice drifts in and out of the bright and warm finger-plucked notes of his acoustic guitar.” - The Prelude Press